G12 Cult Resources

Here's a new Web site that lists numerous resources exposing G12 for what it is. Very interesting and powerful testimony of the horrors the G12 movement brings to the churchs and communities who are tricked into embracing it.

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  • 4/19/2010 3:11 PM Mike wrote:
    I do not live in Arizona yet have been invited to a Generations Church encounter for many years by an old college friend who I have come to find out is essentially one of the church's "elect" and JUST happens to be a millionaire. I flew across the country to attend the encounter and my God given logic and common sense quickly determined Rich Witmer and his very well to do 12 "disciples" are without question using high pressure tacticts and manipulation to bilk as much money as they can out of a laregely uneducated and unsuspecting congregation. The ONLY difference between Amway (multi level marketing) and Generations is they USE God as their pathetic excuse to pressure people into tithing. As part of the encounter I had the "pleasure" of attending one of their services. I live every day for Jesus Christ yet from the minute I walked in the place I had a creepy, creepy feeling. Within minutes of the service starting Rich Witmers wife struts on stage in her very expensive clothes and very expensive breast augmentation. As she is holding her Bible open she proceeds to read what seemed like every scripture in the Bible that pertained to tithing. This is basically what she said to the congregation in a very condescending manner when she finished reading "Now God commands us to give 10%, not 5%, but 10% of our money, and not what's left over but before taxes. And if you do God will give you a prosperous life, and if you don't God will not reward you. Remember, God says to give 10% to Him and who is Him, this Church (as she pointed her finger to the ground)". I was so disgusted I got up and walked out for at least 5 minutes and when I returned she was STILL going on about tithing. It was unreal. Well, that night I questioned my old college friend about how I was not comfortable with their approach to tithing and he started to accuse me of being influenced by demons, etc... He even went as far as to accuse me of calling "his bride" (Generations Church) a whore! For the rest of the encounter he barely looked at me and didn't hardly speak a word to me. When it was over I made the 3 hour trip to Phx to stay at my brothers house. This old college friend of mine has already recruited my brother to be one of his disciples (cell). He called my brother as I was driving back to send a preemptive strike because he knew I was going to share my experience. He told him he didn't like me and my brother being together because we "bring each other down". My brother went on to tell me the old college friend told his cell "friends are a waste of time". The G12 does NOT want their members associating with anyone who does not go to GC or questions their methods. Even before this old friend of mine joined the church he was a manipulating elitist person. I've never met anyone as opinionated and manipulative as this guy and many, many people share my sentiment. The "higher ups" at GC drive Jags, BMW's, etc...People are flat out being manipulated. Unreal.
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    1. 4/13/2011 4:10 PM Matt wrote:
      Your first instinct was right on the money, I live in Yuma and went to generations church for nearly a year, I wish I was smart enough to figure out what you did in one night. They were even pressuring me at 16 years old to leave my parents home because my parents questioned them ever so slightly. I have made it my mission here in Yuma to keep as many people as possible away from that place, simply by relaying my experiences.
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  • 8/30/2010 7:12 AM Tim Hicks wrote:
    Womdering if this generally is true for all Generations churchs. Went to one in Calif and felt really ucomfortable, the first red flag is when I open the church flyer front and center wascomplete page on tithing. Lot's of people who I know love Jesus but health and wealth is no my bag.
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